“Solomon and the Queen” – Quranic storytelling film

The film is now available for free viewing online!


For Muslims all over the world, the Qur’an is experienced not only as a written scripture, but as a vocal phenomenon and aesthetic experience; yet this dimension of the Qur’an – its recitation as an art form – is relatively unknown to Western ears, as is its unique storytelling style.

Quranica is proud to present its first Quranic storytelling film. At its core is a powerful and enchanting recital (with English subtitles) by renowned Egyptian reciter Hajjaj Ramadan al-Hindawi, filmed in Edinburgh in 2006. The Quranic verses (from the Chapter of the Ants, 27) narrate the story of the Israelite prophet-king Solomon, his interactions with the ants and birds, and his encounter with the Queen of Sheba.

This has been interspersed with an engaging English-language commentary by Sohaib Saeed (director of Quranica), filmed at beautiful locations in Scotland.

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Sohaib Saeed
Hajjaj al-Hindawi